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Its not just about the drill! We make players play better!

WE MAKE PLAYERS PLAY BETTER Anyone can put a tracksuit on serach the internet, set up a drill and call themselves a coach. ( I’ve seen it!!!) I see lots of players doing repetitive drills with no valuable input or feedback from the coach. It’s not the case here at 1to1 Football Coach. Technical and…

Why players get 1to1 coaching

Thinking about getting some 1 to 1 Football Coaching and Training. These are some of the most common requests I get and deal with on a daily basis. For most players they are not training as often as they should and these sharp, focussed weekly sessions doing 1 to1 make a huge difference Youth Players…

Get ahead in the new season

So the new season is upon us and you need that extra bit of sharpness and fitness. Fed up of waiting in a queue to have a shot at goal? Is there too many players at your sessions? Is there too much running and not enough with the ball? Is there stuff you want to…

1 to 1 Football Coaching in Manchester

1 to 1 Football Coach continues to grow strong in Manchester with 2 coaches working around the Moston and Middleton areas with further developments being made in the South of the city. A huge footballing city don’t miss out in getting that extra bit of training.


Well done to Ellis who has been training with the 1to1 Football Coach Team Coach Caleb. Previously at Orient they have worked hard all season and after trials at Charlton and West Ham Ellis has joined the Hammers! Outstanding!

Striker session with Charlie Kelman

Super session this morning with Charlie Kelman 1st team player at Southend Utd. Focus: shooting and finishing sharpness.

Keep fit and sharp during the off season!

Now is the time to practice your technique and skills. Keep yourself in shape and be one step ahead in pre season training! Get in touch and book some sessions Fraser


I am actively seeking creative, forward thinking coaches interested in joining the team to deliver 1to1 sessions in all areas of London and the South East. Please get in touch to discuss this excellent opportunity further. Fraser

Great Feedback..

Always great to get feedback like this and this young man has been working with Alfie one of my top coaches who is based in Brentwood.


Final details being made and on its way very soon..

1 to 1 Football Coach

My sessions cover the technical and skills areas to develop the all round player effective on both feet. Sessions are designed to reflect the players ability and age and are challenging and rewarding. Expect to see rapid improvement and progress evident in match situations.Sessions work on individual play as well as tactical and position specific.…

Where am I based?

I do most of my coaching in London and the South East, predominately in East London, SE London, Kent and Essex . However I do have excellent coaches who work for me in North London, Essex, Surrey, Kent, Suffolk, Ayrshire, Hertfordshire and Glasgow. The best option is to get in touch and see if I…

1to1 Football Coaching in Glasgow

1to1 Football Coach will now be offering sessions in Glasgow. There will be 2 bases. The first base will be in Giffnock which has grass and astro facilities and the other base will use the city centre Powerleague at Townhead on Kennedy St. These sessions will be ran by an experienced coach who has worked…

Kevin Lokko: Dover Athletic FC and England C

Really excited to get this interview out. This is a must read for all young players and gives a great insight into the game. I worked with Kevin at the beginning of the season before Dover went back to morning training. Since then Kevin has also began to coach when he can for 1to1 Football…

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