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East London U23 Football Academy: Aiming for a Pro Contract

Superb start to my new Academy last night with some super talent on display. Aimed at Talent that has not been through Academy systems this is set up for them up to be more tactically and technically aware. To solve problems, relax on the ball, understand transitions, understand space and awareness amongst the many technical…

Football Coaching for Actors and Celebrities

If you are an actor or high profile just letting you know that I have a few such clients and sessions are done discretely and without fuss. I’m having lots of requests at the  moment from actors wanting to improve football skills and tactics for better chances at securing Film an TV Roles in the…

1to1 Football Coach in Kent working with Under 16 in Kent Youth League

Picked up a superb player in the last month and working really hard with him. Two sessions per week plus match analysis and feedback. This guy is really investing time and effort nito his football future. Objective feedback, target setting, technical and tactical work and discussion. Lots of self analysis and evaluation. No open answers…

1 to1 football Coach Colchester

Great session this morning with a 7 year old pre Academy kid from Ipswich. He’s already raising eyebrows and I can see why.  Great feet, lots of speed and energy. Strikes the ball really well. Session went like this: football movement, ball mastery, dribbling, moving ball on first touch, combinations, turning away from opponents, developing…

East London Showcase Football

Here it us at last. Think you have got what it takes but no opportunity? Not playing so losing fitness? Not being given a chance by your current coach. This is for under 23 players aiming for trials at pro or semi pro level. Or players not getting enough from current training. This is not…

USA Scholarships

Spent a great couple of weeks working with a young man on a USA scholarship in Texas. Great to see him taking on new opportunities and the opportunity to see and live a new culture.

Getting Ready for the new season

Incredibly teams are back in pre season already. Hope you have had some sort of break and are ready to go again. Younger players have school holidays coming up and I hope you enjoy them. I’ve been back teaching PE at a secondary in London the last few weeks and really enjoyed it. Love my…

Small Group Football Sessions now available

Due to a high demand and for the benefits of opposed work to compliment 1to1 Football I am offering the above small group sessions. Please contact me for further detail

Superb Feedback from Coaching

Not a week goes by without myself and my coaches being thrilled at the feedback we receive from players. At every level from grassroots to pro the players that I am coaching they are developing their game and this is being reflected by superb performances during matches. Keep it Up!!

On the score sheet today

New client Ben Allen on the score sheet right away after our finishing session last week!

great start to the season

Its been a great start this season with a wide variety of players being coached. Ranging from 5 years of age to players in their 50’s. The ability range is wide also, with beginner players through to players at professional clubs and with England Youth Caps plus a few adult pro players. All the players…

Only a few places remaining for tomorrows webinar

Some quality discussion for everyone involved in grassroots football Here’s the link. Monday 7.45 for 8pm start Drop me a line and let me know you will be there!

1 to 1 Football Coaching in Newcastle

I’m a passionate and driven Football Coach keen to apply 12 years of professional playing experience and 8 years of professional coaching experience to those focused on achieving the best.  Advanced training in physical education and fitness. Enjoys inspiring others to commit to long-term health and fitness goals. Experienced in coaching, youth players development and…

England Caps for Issy

Congratulations to long time client Issy on playing for England last week and following that up with a hattrick against Brighton at the weekend. Hard work and great times!! Some of my memories: Transition form fullback to number 10 The work on long passes Travelling on M25 early mornings Receiving sideways on Training early in…

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