Would your team like a guest ‘ expert coach’ ?

Pictured above is me with Tilbury U9’s after a very successful 4 weeks as a guest coach before the start of the season.

This was the main focus

  • being able to play on the ball with your head up
  • awareness on the ball of time and space
  • moving into space to receive the ball
  • communicating: who and when?
  • receiving the ball on the back foot and playing on the half turn
  • moving the ball on first touch
  • being confident and comfortable in possession
  • decision making
  • attacking and defending
  • team shape

We did aspects of this across the 4 weeks and of course it takes time but we are hoping some information has been embedded. I will return as a guest coach on a monthly basis.

They won 3-0 yesterday so maybe some of it is working already!

Its a great idea to get an expert in and work on some advanced coaching strategy.

This guest coaching is available for any age group.

If its something that may interest you the get in touch.



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