Will poor defensive play relegate Bournemouth?

Look at the picture above and see how easy it was for Manchester City to play out from the back last night. Jack Wilshire pointing at Toure who he should have been tight up against. Added to their lack of compactness, defensive movement and general lack of desire to win the ball first are they in free fall?

Make the pitch big, wide and long and you will stretch Bournemouth and score goals. Only one team, Swansea has conceded more than their 49 goals and consider what turmoil they have been under this season.

Currently 2nd bottom of the form table they need to tighten up. Neville highlighted some of this on Monday  night Football last night. Commenting on the defender not stopping Sterling crossing he ball disappointing was also the fact that  that Aguero beat the centre half to the ball to score. They tightened up eventually as the their holding 2 eventually sat where they should have been all game.

Worrying times indeed for Bournemouth and a manager apparently one of England great managerial hopes!

Form Table bottom 4

                                                                          P        GD      PTS

17th        Middlesbrough                                   6           -3          4

18th        Palace                                                   6          – 8          3

19th        Bournemouth                                      6          -9          2

20th        Leicester                                              6          -12         1


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