Why players get 1to1 Football coaching

  1. Thinking about getting some 1 to 1 Football Coaching and Training. These are some of the most common requests I get and deal with on a daily basis.

For most players they are not training as often as they should and these sharp, focussed weekly sessions doing 1 to1 make a huge difference

Youth Players (All Levels)

  1. Loss of confidence: has been struggling in games and training recently,
  2. Needs more understanding of the game, can demonstrate some good technique but unsure of exactly what they are doing and when or where why they need to do it
  3. Has lots of technical ability and tricks but passes the ball as soon as they get it. Avoids 1 v1 situations
  4. Not enough time spent on individual work at training
  5. Coaches have an expectation that should already know what to do, they are difficult to approach or not very good
  6. Beginner to the game and wants to build up their skills set and enjoy the game
  7. Wants more understanding of how to play in a specific position (striker midfielder, defender, goalkeeper etc)
  8. Has a trial/trials coming up
  9. Wants to reach Academy standard
  10. Seems to be behind the other players in his team regarding skills and technique.
  11. Seems not to be improving

Adult Players ( All Levels)

1 Needs sharpness sessions to improve technique and physical conditioning

2 Recovering from injury and needs extra training

3 Wants to work on a specific part of their game eg. finishing

4 Needs more tactical guidance

5Trains with part time club and needs extra sessions

6 New to the UK and needs assessment and pathways to find clubs

7 Wants to work hard during season break and pre season

8 Trials coming up

9 Beginner and wants to get to a level to join in game with friends

10 Wants to get fit doing football as an activity

11 Wants me to find them a club

Are any of these specific to you?

Then give me a call, text or email

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