Where goals are scored from!

Not that I didn’t know this already but pulled up an interesting stat for coaches and players alike.

The diagram above shows where the 1000 plus goals in the Premier League were scored from. The golden zone or zone which creates the most goals is what I refer to as the 2nd 6 yard box.

You would expect the goalkeeper to command the 6 yard box but this zone further out is the key area. Penetrating balls and crosses should be hitting this area. Of course there are other zones which are important and need work on but when you are designing finishing drills keep this in mind rather than the usual queue at the edge of the box for the bounce pass with the coach!

Make sure you are utilising all areas of the box and around it. Make your finishing drills reflect these percentages. Be creative!

For those youngsters that I coach week in week out and have heard me rattling on about the 2nd 6 yard box….well THERE YOU ARE!!

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