The Role of the Centre Forward ? 21 questions to evaluate your performances.

Here are a 20 questions or checklist to consider when spear- heading the attack.

The list is not exhaustive but is a ideas I work on when coaching young players.

  1. What is my starting position when my team regains possession. Am I able to threaten in behind the defence or drop short for the ball. Am I occupying the thoughts of one or more defenders?
  2. When should I run behind?
  3. When should I go short?
  4. Do I see the bigger picture and identify where the space, defenders and team mates are before I receive the ball ?
  5. Am I confident and effective in 1 v 1 situations? Do I have a variety of moves to beat defenders?
  6. Am I able to hold up the ball and bring other team mates into play?
  7. Do I set the ball and accelerate into space? Are my movements dynamic?
  8. Do I know when to run into  wide areas ?
  9. Do I know when to run diagonally or run straight?
  10. Do I bend my runs?
  11. Am I able to turn onto either foot?
  12. Can I demonstrate a range of passing?
  13. Do I understand when to shoot?
  14. Do I have a variety of finishing techniques?
  15. Do I score enough goals?
  16. Do I understand the areas of the goal to aim at and why?
  17. Can you think of at least 5 ways to beat the goalkeeper when 1 v 1
  18. Can I head the ball effectively?
  19. Can I defend from the front and understand my role when my team is not in possession?
  20. Am I effective and set plays?
  21. Can I get better?

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