The Art of Defending!

Not often but sometimes I get asked about defending although I have had several players come in to get specifically better at it.

The old saying is that ‘we defend as a team’ and in modern football,defending starts from the front players,as high pressing has become popular with many teams.  Pressing as a group  to win the ball back and trigger counter attacks,  dropping off and compacting space, defending central areas, defending at set pieces, closing off wide areas are some examples.

In todays game as much as we expect everybody in the team including the goalkeeper to be able to start an attacking move its important that the individual in any position knows his or her responsibility when not in possession and defending.

When to delay the attack, mark, support, drop off, when to tackle, your responsibility at free kicks, corners throws etc.

Understanding how to defend in 1v1 situations. How to get a players head down, how to intercept a pass, how to make play predictable, how to show a player on to his weaker foot etc. All attributes that will make you a better player and more attractive to any manager.

Whether you are a defender, midfielder or forward my sessions will always cover defending as a topic from time to time and give you that greater understanding and ability in the art of defending.


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