Superb finishes from Falcao and Cuadrado

Two fabulous finishes 1 v1 with keeper from Falcao and Cuadrado yesterday verses Poland. These 2 finishes are ones that I coach on a regular basis.

The one from Falcao looks simple but is superb and very difficult. Running in from the right the usual  finishes are a low drive to the far post which either goes straight or bends away from goal or to bend it in to the goal with your left foot. He uses the outside of the right foot to put slight bend on it bringing it back in. Try it! It’s tough but completely the right choice and at top speed.

Cuadrado is my favourite type of finish. He drags the keeper slightly to the left opening up a gap at the far post , opens his body up and bends it around the goalkeeper into the gap at the far post. Another finish I work on regularly. As I said these both look simple but are classic 1 v 1 finishes!

Love it!

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