It has been speed work all week for my players as I have been testing them on a number of football related exercises that measure speed, balance agility and coordination with and without the ball.

We have also been working on speed of thought and decision making.

We have been taking seconds off running through obstacles and changes of direction, effectively dribbling with the ball, explosive first touches into space, reaction times, running with the ball, 1st touch efficiency and weight of pass, turning with the ball, beating a player 1v1 and accelerating away. We have been working on these individually and then as combinations with a finished product of either a shot at goal or a pass.

There has been lots of Q and A and good discussion with the players on how to improve and get faster. Every player has learned how become faster and more efficient with the ball and covering space large and small.

Its good to bring in Scientific testing from time to time to measure progress as your get better.

Its been hard work but very rewarding for the players.

The picture above shows Gabriel being put through speed testing this week in Dartford. Gabriel has been working with me for a few months and is really beginning to show great improvement. Last week his under 14 team won the Pembury Tournament winning 6 out of 6 matches with Gabriel the top scorer!

Of Brazilian descent I would expect nothing less! ( Does your dad know your wearing an Argentina kit??)


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