Online Football Coaching

The back story.

2 years ago a family visiting London from Australia asked me for 1to1 Football Sessions. We did a few over a 2 week period and kept in touch on their return to Oz.

To help with the players progress we decided to try online sessions. I would evaluate video footage and discuss and evaluate tactical and technical aspects of the players game through Zoom. We also had psychological workshops and chats about nutrition and exercise. Also included was actual practical sessions where I would set up technical drills for the player to perform on Skype and I would analyse and evaluate live.

This has been extremely successful and thoroughly recommended. Coaching is not always about being on the practice pitch. With 1to1 you have see the players at some point playing games. More and more Academies and of course pro clubs use video analysis and often ask the players to self evaluate.

Its a great opportunity for players all over the world to use our expertise.

We have many options for Zoom sessions. Every player is different so get in touch and lets have a discussion about what you need!


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