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I had the pleasure of conducting an online session with client relating to their interest in improving and developing their physical condition and fitness and specific technical attributes as a footballer. Prior to the session I had a brief call with the client on the phone, to talk through his exact aspirations and areas he wanted to talk and work through, to allow me to prepare the session to fit his needs and make it as personal as possible. 
During the session, I prepared a document with notes I had made relating to his specific requests and areas he wanted me to help him with. I firstly talked through what his vision was and asked him to be in as much detail with me as possible and then we broke that down into short term and long term goals. We then developed a structured schedule together with his limitations (time, equipment and cost etc.) to turn his ambitions into a plan and create a clear pathway to achieve his goals. 
I ensured that he completely understood each exercise and step of the plan, and demonstrated each exercise for him and talked him through why it was included and how it would get him closer to his goal. I then spoke in large detail on the nutritional side of things and have gave him a few tricks of the trade I have learned myself, through trial and error and from my own journey as a footballer. I studied Nutrition intensely, during my time studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and learned many things relating to what we spoke about during my time playing football professionally, from just asking questions and watching older and more experienced players and how they went about their approach to a lifestyle that would be as effective in aiding to their performance as possible. 
Furthermore, we also spoke in great detail on the mental side of things and I gave a few stories relating to the power of mindset that I have done myself or witnessed and how important a role it plays. I talked through a few tricks and exercises for the client to do to help improve this aspect of their lifestyle and what approach to take to their training.
We concluded our session with a few questions and ensured he was completely happy and confident with what he needed to do and what I had said. It was a really positive session and I look forward to hearing about the progress he makes! 

Written by Jack Royston

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