What makes my sessions different


Many people ask what my sessions consist of and why they are different.

When you arrive my session will already be set up and  ready to go. Sessions are intense and you will be working for the full hour. I like to work using ‘stations’. there is no time wasted setting up the next activity as we go through the session. There will be 5 or 6 of these set up already and we will move between them as the session progresses. Each station will work on a fundamental ie .turning with the ball, 1st touch, 1v1 etc. I will include progressions at each station as your ability improves.

The first session lets me analyse your performance and ability and sets the parameters for the sessions to follow. Some players want position specific practice and that can be as much of a focus as you wish. Technical and tactical analysis is in very fine detail as is the feedback given and suggestion for improvement. I run session which are physically demanding. At the same time as developing skills and tactical awareness you will build up your conditioning. There is detail and care given to periods of high intensity and low intensity work with adequate drinks and rest periods.

Sessions have pace and aim to establish technical improvement fast. Feedback I get is always very positive and players and parents begin to see improvement  in match performance immediately.

A typical session would look something like below. Each practice would progress as you got better and introduce different game scenarios ie playing with back to goal, playing out wide, playing in central midfield etc. Your position would reflect how these practices work. Some academy players I have worked with have wanted to work on very specific areas ie playing when marked tighlyt by a central defender, timing of runs etc, movement out of possession.

The reason I give taster session is so that you get a good idea of what is involved. I have yet to have someone a taster who hasn’t signed on.

I will guarantee you will see improvement in your game. 100%!

Typical Session

  1. Speed and agility warm up
  2. Technical 10 minutes
  3. 1st  touch into space
  4. Turning with the ball
  5. 1v1 skills
  6. Dribbling with the ball
  7. Combinations of 4.5 and 6
  8. Shooting and finishing
  9. Plenary


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  1. Andy Ferguson on May 3, 2017 at 7:31 am

    Hi Fraser – Good to see that you are still involved in the game! – Many moons ago you worked with my son Cameron (at A.P.)- He is now 19 and has played for St Albans and is currently playing step 5 for Cockfosters – The problem is the lack of quality training available and he has the ability to move up but needs a tough regime (me thinks!) – Can you help in some way?
    Might just need some sessions and a development plan?
    Hope that you are well – Andy Ferguson

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