Look after the Ball!!

When you get the ball enjoy having it. You won’t have it for long. Make use of it and don’t give it away until there is someone who is in a better position, or you have had a shot at goal. Being able to deal with the ball under pressure is a major major component in progressing in football.

Its your responsibility when you have it. If there is nothing on you have to deal with it, hold on to it and create something yourself.

You are allowed to run with it, dribble or beat a player 1v1! All in the correct areas of the pitch.  1 touch 2 touch etc is fantastic at the right times but it’s only one part of the game.

Think of the best players in the world..

What are they famous for?

Is it 1 or 2 touch play or their ability to keep the ball, dribble, beat players and maintain possession under pressure ?

Big big part of my coaching sessions ‘ responsibility on the ball. dealing with pressure situations, beating players 1 v1 and being creative’

How many defenders have won the Ballon d’Or !?

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