Kobe Kent U15, Bromley FC. Saturday 19/11/16

Session Detiails

Speed and Agility work: ladders, change of direction, quick turns, reaction times all done using the ball

Technical work 1: sharp one touch passing, using deft volleys as a passing technique, controlling ball in the air, moving ball 1st touch with inside and outside of foot

Skills 1v1 : sharpening up turns, the Cruyff turn and out side hook/chop, chopping back inside and moving ball into space in one touch. Focus on body movement to accent disguise to unbalance defender.

Skills 1v1 : using above skills to beat defender and have a shot at goal

Technical2: 4 types of finish 1) far post, 2) near post 3) cut inside 4) dink over goalkeeper

Skills 1v1 : How to move the goalkeeper before shooting

Skills 1v1 Using combinations to beat the defender, Where is the space you want to exploit. How can I get that defender out the space and exploit it? What decions do I have yo make?

Skills 1v1: Wing play. Using a change of pace to beat the full back. When to continue down the wing when and how to cut inside. How to read the defenders body. Options and decisions when you cut inside. Shooting options when cut inside.

Technical Work: Finishing 1) letting ball come across the body, taking the ball early, how to generate power, when to pass the ball into the net

Technical Work: How to generate whip and power on a free kick and keep ball low over the wall.

Session time 75 minutes

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