Keeping focussed on football during the lockdown

I know its tough at the moment but you just gotta keep your head up and do what you can. Be creative and make the best of what you have.

Here are a few ideas

There are lots of socail media nad youtube on individual ball work..try some of those

Go for a run or a cycle rather than a walk
Concenbtrate on body weight exercises ( again lots on youtube)
Watch what you eat. Remember you are not doing as much exercise now!
Work your core muscles (abs! )
Practice your kick ups
Practice your tuns and 1v1s
If you have a wall even better…pass and receive
Set up a football golf circuit if you have space

In the evenings..
watch clips of great players
great games
learn facts about how to play your position
keep a record pf your progress..

See you soon.


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