Imrpove your football skills and technical ability!

Hello gain after a short break! This week I am in my regular coaching locations of Colchester, Fairlop, Dagenham and Dartford. I am also visiting Harlow and Southend.

This is the time to really take advantage of the better weather and lighter evenings to focus on your skills an technique. With the season coming to an end make sure you are keeping your hours of football up. Don’t let all the hard work you put in during the winter months be forgotten and decline through lack of practice or playing time during the summer months.

Experts suggest 10000 hours is what professional players have done by the time they are 18. In my sessions I will give you exercises and ideas that you can do on your own.  Once you have mastered a skill then think about how quickly you can do it. Speed is important in football as is speed of thought.

If your team is stopping training soon or not playing as many matches this is the time to book some sessions with me and keep the momentum going through until the new season.

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