How to impress the Football Scout!

1 Keep mastering the fundamentals of your game
2 Get yourself visible: attend trials by professional clubs and organisations.
3 Attend soccer schools by clubs as they are there to identify talent. Be proactive and find out, about all football opportunities for you.
4 Look for advanced coaching organisations.
5 Play at the highest level you can but make sure you are playing, not warming the bench
6 Make the effort to get better, professional coaching. Whether this means travelling further or paying for 1to1 expertise.
7 Make sure you network and get to know coaches and organisation in your area. Get your name known.
8 Compile a portfolio of video clips, still shots and achievements so far.
9 Evaluate and assess your own game on a constant basis. Be realistic about your strengths and areas needing to improve. Take advantage of a 1 to 1 session to get detailed feedback.
10 Ask a professional coach to evaluate your game and suggest areas needed to improve.
11 Be proactive and keep going. Put the hours in and give that 100 per cent in everything you do.
12 Be a leader in games and training set the standard and lead by example.

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