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Anyone can put a tracksuit on search the internet, set up a drill and call themselves a coach. ( I’ve seen it!!!)

I see lots of players doing repetitive drills with no valuable input or feedback from the coach. IF THEY HAVENT GOT A BALL WHY ARE THEY DOING IT?

Are they learning to jump through hoops and skip passed cones or learning to play with a football!

It’s not the case here at 1to1 Football Coach. Technical and tactical skills and knowledge is priority. We can observe and explain how you can improve by making he smallest of tweaks.

The next time you see a session stop and listen to the coach. Is he or she making sense? Are they giving technical /tactical information for improvement or simply motivational and command information? Can you see improvements away from the session during games? Does the session have pace ? Is it structured and themed? Are drills etc relevant to age group?

BIG QUESTION : Is what they are doing likely to happen in a game?

If the answer to any of the above is no then stop wasting your time and money and call me immediately!!

1TO1 Football Coach Coaching formula:


Identify how to improve

discuss/challenge/trial and error/discover/demo/watch


Go Live

Increase the challenge


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