I am now a registered  Football Agent ( now called ‘ Intermediary ‘) which will work in tandem and be part of my coaching service.

My unique selling point at the moment is being able to use the coaching side to help get players to the level required and improve their game. To work with unsigned players with potential to secure clubs and contracts. Especially players at elite level who have been released by clubs, players who are new to the UK having played elite level football in their home country and young players who have great potential but have not been through the Academy system. As well as those already in the professional system.

My experience in management, football and education, the football industry, knowledge and contacts as well as administrative skills makes it a simple step. From the legal side of things I will be working in partnership with a practising Lawyer and developing links with Financial advisers, Accountants etc

Having an agent is vital when taking steps into the game so that you can make playing your primary focus. What I offer is an ethical, holistic approach to give you the best opportunity and rewards possible. The football industry is continually changing and we must all be aware of it.







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