Developing both feet early…

Pictured above one of my clients playing away to Manchester Utd for Charlton Athletic at the weekend.

A very young player who I work with weekly with the prime objective of establishing excellent  technical ability with both feet.

I cannot place enough emphasis on developing the correct technique as early as we can on both feet.  I isolate practices to really look at feet ,overall body movement, balance and shape when striking or controlling the ball. Small adjustments can make huge differences and I often see this progress within an hours session.

I also look at running movement etc and aim to ‘tidy up’ and make movement more efficient. eg sprinting in straight lines, or sharp turns etc

I ask a player to think about how they strike the ball with the weaker foot. Most use their strong foot through instinct with little knowledge of what they are actually doing. Thinking about using the weaker foot helps the stronger foot by exploring this knowledge and understanding. ( try writing with your other hand!)

At a later stage I often get players at a very high level coming to me with a weaker side that still needs to be much better and their stronger foot needing tweaked.

To be able to play at the highest level possible the ability to use both feet is crucial. At any level being proficient with both feet makes you stand out!

There will be times in a game when you will have no choice and trying to get on your stronger foot will get you into difficulty within the game



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