Developing the effective central midfield player

How many of these can you say you are effective at?

Can you add to the list

Do you..

  1. dominate the central area of the pitch
  2. protect your central defender BUT not do their job for them
  3. stay the correct side of the ball when attacking
  4. work effectively with your CM partner
  5. create space and angles to receive the ball from defence and support when ball played back from attack
  6. pivot and switch the play
  7. be assertive on your 1st touch and as much as possible play forward
  8. have a positive and attacking mind and try to play penetrative passes or move forward ( do you make that happen or content to sit and be safe ?)
  9. have explosive bursts of power to get forward or make recovery runs
  10. have strength in the tackle and the  strength to dominate your opponent
  11. retain the ball under pressure, twist and turn and come out on top with an effective pass
  12. exploit an immediate opponent in a 1v1 situation that turns defence into attack ( are you aware of the correct times and areas to do this)
  13. can you create space by effective movement ( or not ) to receive the ball
  14. receive the ball sideways on as much as possible and see 3 corner flags at least
  15. check over your shoulder all the time to be aware of what the bigger picture is
  16. disguise your intention as the ball comes to you
  17. know what you will do before you receive the ball
  18. have a range of passing ability
  19. understand when to intercept the ball, tackle, delay or make play predicable when defending
  20. be positive in scoring   opportunities and take them effectively

What was your score? Wont happen in every game but something to check.

Any to add?


( picture Hayley Ladd who I have been working with this month and she prepares for a new season in the FA WSL)


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