Does your dad, boyfriend or husband think he knows everything about football?

Does your dad stand on the touchline on a Sunday shouting advice? Does he bore you to death  about how good he was back in the day? Does your husband or boyfriend sit in front of the TV  watching endless hours of football? Does he spend all of his time chatting to his mates about it? Does it get on your nerves? Would you like to see how good he actually is? Do you want to give him a birthday gift like no other he has had?


Having been asked to do this forfriends I have decided to offer one off  coaching sessions for fun aimed at dads and boyfriend’s or husbands too lazy to get off the couch. Why not treat them to a different type of birthday present or a special anniversary treat.

Make it a surprise!

Watch them work through a Premier League 1to1 training session, watch them have fun and find out how good they really are!

Video the session and have endless hours enjoying the action replays.

Life will never be the same again!

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