Body shape when receiving and playing the ball

One of the most common components  of technique that needs developing with young players I come across is body shape when receiving and playing the ball.

I work a lot on this fundamental aspect as I find a lot of players are not moving enough and its the lack of full movement into the correct position that lets them down and results in mis control or a poor pass or shot at goal. I don’t know if laziness is the correct word but maybe an understanding that the correct technique needs extra effort at times if the move is to be executed is better.

Quite often I will get a good example of control by a player immediately followed by a sloppy pass back to me. Or an excellent touch into space followed by a shot wide of an empty goal. I try to create working at high intensity levels where players have several decisions and techniques to execute in different amounts of time.

Its about keeping the techniques focussed throughout the time you have with the ball with the end result being as important as the 1st touch or movement into space.

I work a lot on this with regular tests speed and percentage completion rates on the drills.

Body shape and movement into the correct position as in any sport is massive football is no different. Try and eliminate stretching for the ball or stretching to play the pass and MOVE YOUR FEET!

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