Blair ( Pictured warming up at Queen of the South FC )

Blair took advantage of his half term holiday in London to have a coaching session with his favourite Uncle on Saturday 11th February. Despite the cold cold weather we did a general technical and skills session working on:

  1. Moving the ball on 1st touch with either foot into space
  2. Developing disguise before your first touch

We then looked at several turning techniques and how to deal with the ball under pressure

Turning Techniques

  1. Outside and inside cut
  2. Stop turn
  3. Drag back turn
  4. Cruyff Turn

We the looked at professing this by building in some progressions by ending with a shot at goal.

The next part of the session we developed  1v1 skills looking at

  1. Scissors
  2. Dropping the shoulder
  3. Step over
  4. Iniesta
  5. Again we combined these with some turns to do some combination moves finishing with a shot at goal.

Finally we looked at shooting opportunities when 1v1 with the goalkeeper focussing on these 4 techniques with both feet.

  1. shooting across goal keeper low to far post
  2. beating goalkeeper at near post
  3. cutting inside onto opposite foot for shot at goal
  4. waiting for the goalkeeper to go down before dinking it over

This involved technical mastery and accuracy of shot.

Fun Cool Down: Cross bar challenge.

Session Length 75 minutes



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