Ben Colchester U14

Pictured above is Ben being put through a free taster session in a wet Colchester on Monday evening.

It was a tough and challenging session where Ben worked hard for the full hour.

Ben : under 14 wide attacking player: Maldon and Tiptree FC

Topics covered:

Speed, Agility Balance and Coordination with ball and pass into target.

Technical Control and passing

1 touch passing

Controlling the ball in the air

1st touch into space using different parts of the foot left and right.

Using body movement as disguise before moving the ball.

Cutting the ball on 1st touch to get slight back spin into the area you want.

1st touch into space then turning back into the space you created.

Beating an opponent 1v1

Scissors left and right side with finish at goal.

Drop of shoulder fake step left and right side with finish at goal.

Combinations of the above approaching defenders at different angles with finish at goal.

Attacking and shooting on right side.

Attacking and shooting down left side.

4 types of finish 1v1 with goalkeeper.

Finishing on diagonal run straight pass.

Finishing on straight run diagonal pass.

Taking shots across body.

Finish with sharp play and rebounds in penalty area.

Warm Down.


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