900 Football Touches in 20 minutes at 1to1 Football Coach

As a Football Coach I value the importance of having the ball at your feet for as long as possible during sessions. Pictured above is Fred starting his 900 touches in first 15/20 minutes of a session. Amazing amount of technique done in a short space of time. I’ve seen massive improvement in his touch and how effective he is on the ball. Still another 40 minutes to go!!! And 100s of more touches. Really important to be effective on both feet and more importantly have the confidence to use your right and left foot. I work really hard with players paying attention to the detail. This will improve your match play by increasing your passing and moving the ball into space for shots etc and first touch play.Turning and dealing with 1v1s.You might only get one chance to move the ball for a shot and you don’t want to waste it. The more effective you are on the ball the better player you will be. Clubs and scouts are looking for players who are excellent and efficient on the ball. This takes hours of practice so get started!

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