1 v 1 Defending

Here are the Principals of Defending

  1. PRESSURE THE BALL: that means get to the player as quickly as possible but slow down the last few steps and face the player up sideways on
  2. DELAY THE ATTACK: you don’t have to tackle yet but slow the attack down by putting the player under pressure and waiting for support ( another player to help)
  3. MAKE THE PLAY PREDICTABLE  you don’t have to tackle yet  ( make the player with the ball go the way you want to) eg. away from goal, towards where you have support, in general away from danger areas
  4. You might not have to tackle the player may now have passed because you have put him/her under so much pressure
  5. STEAL THE BALL perhaps better than saying TACKLE. Wait for the player to push the ball too far in front or to the side when you can steal the ball.  If you can steal the ball and win possession great, other options can be putting the ball out for a throw in, corner or pushing the ball to a player in your team.


  • how to win the tackle
  • when to mark tight and when to drop off
  • defending in the different thirds
  • defending from set pieces


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