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Welcome to my new website. After many great years working for many football clubs and coaching companies I have decided to start my own coaching organisation and put back into the game all the insight, knowledge and understand that I have gained form 20 years coaching experience, From grassroots to full time professional senior level I have experienced what it is like and what you need to be successful.

What I have done is selected all the excellent practice I have encountered and mixed coaching philosophies to best suit what I think you need to be in order to be successful in football. I have adapted these to produce excellent sessions of my own.This includes practical elements, how to watch and learn from games and players, how to establish pathways into football. How to be strong mentally, how to be football clever, how to set goals and reach achievable targets. Short term and long term goals and how to reach them.

Youth players and the pressure they face? Are they getting feedback to improve their game? Are they getting the detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement. Can they move from a good player to an excellent player with a strong future in the game? what does it take?

I also work with many part time professional players who feel they need the extra technical and skills work that time doesn’t allow during club sessions. These sessions working on core areas of areas for improvement or help to establish areas of strength. These sessions are also excellent for extra fitness and football conditioning.

I hope to publish information from current sessions and on occasion comment on all things football related to playing the beautiful game.

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Fraser Skimming

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